International/Multi-State Benefit Plans

Many employers have employees residing in various areas across and outside of the US. Domestically, there are network issues that need to be evaluated, as well as various state mandates. Couple this with Xpats, or domestics traveling abroad, and companies may find their standard health coverages are not sufficient to support the needs of these employees. Each country handles their medical care differently and individuals need to be covered in a way that will ensure that countries system will be compensated, and avoid excessive out of pocket costs for the employees.

Brown & Brown assists our clients in assessing their needs both domestically and abroad. We assist in identifying the appropriate insurance plans and components to fulfill these needs, such as evaluating national provider networks, varying state mandates and do they apply or not, whether Xpat plans are appropriate, or if a simple travel abroad plan will suffice. We believe in a thorough, strategic, and wholistic approach to employee benefits consulting.