Health Care Reform

In an area of constant flux, Brown & Brown Tacoma has been praised by our clients for the insight and consultation provided on this topic. We know that as an employer you do not have the time, or most likely the desire to be the expert on this topic. That is one of the reasons you hire a qualified consultant in first place.

We have and will continue to host seminars and webinars on this topic for both the large and small employer community. In addition we have a Health Care Reform Toolkit available to all of our clients that includes a Compliance Checklist, Action Required directives, Legislative Alerts and a host of other Affordable Care Act information.

However, the most important service we provide is not found in a seminar or even in our own customized Toolkit, the most important aspect of the service that we provide in this area is your dedicated B&B Consultant that knows your plan and benefit structure inside and out and can safely maneuver you and your company through this very complex and challenging area.