Financial Analysis with Consultative Expertise

As employee benefits continue to rank in the top quartile of corporate expenses, we understand that a thorough analysis of this expense is not only prudent, but mandatory in today’s climate. This analysis should do more than provide a simple comparison of costs year over year. We view this responsibility as more than that.

We provide benchmarking of your plan relative to your industry and the region or regions in which you operate so that you know how you compare to your competition and other employers that are vying for the same employee talent you are.

One of the roles we fill as your consultant is a partner in your budget planning and on-going benefit expense management. We approach this challenge by providing different alternatives that meet the communicated budget requirement. Each alternative comes complete with detailed pros and cons to both employer and employee laid out, not just for the current year, but also for a multi-year time horizon. On-going experience and cost reporting provides comparison of budget to actual for on-going budget management and planning.