Workplace Wellness

Brown & Brown has designed and helped implement numerous Health Risk Management Programs for our clients. Where appropriate we can facilitate a grassroots, minimal expense alternative for our clients. Here the primary focus is on education and utilization of the numerous services and tools already embedded in the carriers’ products focused on disease management and prevention offered for no or very minimal charge. In other cases, we partner with professional wellness organizations to bring in-depth, highly data driven and confidential programs to our clients’ employees and their families. These plans can include customized biometric testing, individual Health Risk Assessments with aggregate group level reporting available to the employer to help identify their greatest area of need and then work with them to come up with a wellness program that addresses those areas. We have worked with employers to incent participation in a number of ways including plan design.

Brown & Brown has developed a wellness education and resource product we call “Wellness in a Box” that allows each client to identify where on the wellness continuum they are vs. where they want their company to be and then allows us to share ideas, tools and expertise to get them there, all based on their budget. Periodically we conduct seminars, such as “Implementing Workplace Wellness Programs That Get Results” for our clients.

Health Care Reform legislation passed in 2010 supporting wellness in the workplace and allows for specific financial incenting of activities and results.