Business Owner Planning (Family Businesses, Small Corporations & Partnerships)

Succession Planning

Do you have a business succession plan for the transition of your business? We can offer you a comprehensive briefing on the alternatives and strategies for the continuation or transfer of your business upon a business owner’s, or a business partner’s retirement, death, disability, or decision to sell. Do you know how to buy-out your business partner’s heirs in the least burdensome and most tax efficient way? Do you know how to sell your business and avoid capital gains taxes due to you on the sale? Knowing your options could result in significant savings for you and your family.


We can also discuss options that are available to equalize inheritance among your children who are both involved with, and who are not part of the family business.

Key Person

Do you have key employees who are essential to the success of your business? Would losing that person unexpectedly cause a significant loss of revenue to your business? Would you like to explore options to help cover that risk?

Executive Compensation

Do you have a way to recruit, retain and reward those key employees that are essential to the future success of your business? What would happen if your key marketing person, operations manager, or technical guru quit and went to work for your biggest competitor? Would you like to learn about cost efficient programs you can implement that would directly link the personal success of your most important employees to the success of your company?